Macroeconomic Policy in Uganda and the UK

Macroeconomic Policy in Uganda and the UK

Uganda / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This was an opportunity for students at Makerere University, Uganda and Coventry University, UK to identify an area of fiscal or monetary policy where they can compare the actions taken by the respective countries.

The joint teams prepare a group report on the subject matter alongside a digital output reflecting on the experience and intercultural collaboration.

OIL Outcomes

1. To develop collaborative skills using synchronous and asynchronous tools.
2. To work to tight deadlines to produce two outputs.
3. To develop an understanding of intercultural differences and working practices.

Type of interaction

Collaborative document building, critical reflection and social media interactions.

OIL Outputs

  • Each group to collaboratively prepare a report of approx. 3,000 words.
  • Each group to produce a short document (e.g. blog, video) in which it reflects on the experience of working/collaborating within an international context),
  • a reflective statement of no more than two pages.