Marketing for sustainable change

Marketing for sustainable change

Singapore / United Kingdom

Project Overview

A collaborative research on contemporary marketing issues

Our partner at PSB Academy, Singapore is Justin Kung Sion Hin.

OIL Outcomes

  • To examine the attitudinal and behavioural differences of car owners in The UK and Singapore
  • To explore the sustainability challenges facing the UK and Singapore related to car usage
  • To investigate the use of social marketing for behavioural change to encourage the reduction of car usage in the UK and Singapore.
  • To devise a poster-based means of communication to encourage a reduction in car usage in Singapore / UK.

OIL Activities

Coventry students will form groups of five and work will focus around 3 tasks

1. Preparation of an information pack for their Singapore counterparts to explain the car usage context in the UK, including examples of marketing communications / campaigns designed to encourage reduced usage.

2. Communication via Open Moodle (and potentially Skype) to compare and contrast information and ideas with their counterparts in Singapore

3. Creation of a single means of communication – a poster – for their counterparts’ country, designed to encourage reduced car usage and upload it onto the Open Moodle site.

Open Moodle will be divided into a number of separate forums according to specific aspects / issues and topics for debate and for the sharing of ideas and example communications.
Coventry students will upload their final poster onto Open Moodle to be judged by Singapore students who will choose an overall winning design.

A prize will be awarded to the winning group.

The project will be supervised by the 1004MKT seminar teaching team via seminars and digicomm lab sessions and will run across the whole module for the first three weeks of the module with all students taking part.

Type of interaction: Collaborative document building, critical reflection.

Method of capturing intercultural development

Formative – provides feedback on how theory can be applied to practice which may be applied to the contexts of coursework 1 and 2.
The groups formed by students for the OIL project will remain the same for their coursework 1 group assignment. This allows groups to learn to work together efficiently before starting the first piece of assessed work.