Newcastle Advocacy OIL Programme

Newcastle Advocacy OIL Programme


Australia / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This OIL project takes place in Coventry Law School’s advocacy programme and involves four students from Newcastle and Shaun McCarthy who is the Director of the Newcastle Law Clinic at the University of Newcastle.

The purpose of the OIL project is for CU students to explain how their advocacy clinic works and to discuss with NU students the type of cases they have dealt with. It will conclude with a mock interview where NU students interview a fictitious client and follow this up at a later date with a mock tribunal hearing.

OIL Outcomes

  1. To enhance students’ international/intercultural awareness and transferable employability skills in a global context
  2. To enhance students’ legal skills through the use of international collaborations
  3. To raise students’ online communicative competence in academic and professional settings
  4. To enable students to practice digital competences to co-construct collaborative multimedia learning objects
  5. To raise students’ awareness with regard to social justice and challenges to access to justice

OIL Activities

Group collaboration, observing and taking part in client consultations, presentation, reflective exercises, video blogging.


OIL Outputs

Alan East and Shaun McCarthy are doing a joint article on the use of the robots in an OIL project.