Oil Project: The 2008 financial crisis

Oil Project: The 2008 financial crisis

United Kingdom / Vietnam

Project Overview

This Oil Project reviews the developments of the 2008 financial crisis, investigates the causes and its implications for different stakeholders including investors, consumers, policy makers, etc.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Coventry University and Vietnam National University (Hanoi).

Students interact with each other on a joint mini-research on the above-mentioned topic via online means of communication.

OIL Activities

This is a joint assignment. Students will team up with one or two students from the Partner University. They have the opportunity to work with each other during (expected) 4 weeks before completing the assignment and submitting it for feedback.

At the end of the project, students are required to provide a self-assessment form in which they assess the effectiveness of the project, their own experience during the course of the project, and the key areas of competences they have developed/need to develop in the future.

OIL Outcomes

  • Students enhance their understanding of how the financial system works, the root causes of its failure, the interconnection between different stakeholders before, during and after financial turmoil
  • Students develop critical thinking ability, problem solving skills, especially those related to an international collaboration in a group
  • Students are able to assess themselves the key competences in an international, online working environment such as the language barriers, the capacity to deal with friction, the ability to control emotions and resolve frictions while working in an international group

OIL Outputs

An assignment of no more than 3000 words written in English Language submitted for feedback
A self-assessment sheet


The project partner in Vietnam is Dr Ha Nguyen.