Once upon a time in Coventry and Madrid…

Once upon a time in Coventry and Madrid…

Spain / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This project explores narrative across cultures, linking up students on the Máster de Narrativa in Escuela de Escritores, the prestigious writing school of Madrid, with students of creative writing at Coventry University.

Students collaborate to produce short stories based on an agreed opening premise and thereafter see where their imaginations take them. Reflection on the creative process, on character traits and narrative trajectories should offer insights into the different cultures of writing.

OIL Activities

Students collaborate to produce short stories. This will involve negotiation, agreement on and planning of an opening story premise, characters and dramatic conflict. Students will then write stories individually and offer feedback on each other’s stories and on the different artistic choices students made across cultures. This should inform reflection on authorial intention, cultural difference and the different crafts of writing.

OIL Outcomes

– Knowledge of other writing cultures
– Intercultural collaborative experience: negotiating, agreeing and planning with a view to producing an aesthetic product