Pop-Up Newsroom


Students from around the world report on a common theme using free wireless hotspots such as coffee shops. Pop-Up journalists take turns running a Command Center, located at a from where they monitor the Twitter coverage by others, ReTweeting, commenting and generally keeping information flowing. (www.popupnewsroom.net)

OIL Outcomes

  • Cementing their reporting skills in the context of digital journalism through reporting in text, audio and video
  • Improving interview techniques
  • Increasing awareness about global issues such as refugees and the plight of women around the world
  • Students write a reflective essay on their experiences throughout the modules as part of their final year portfolio submission.



OIL Output

Multimedia stories on a common theme shared through Twitter and published in

www.popupnewsroom.net. Twitter Handle @popupnewsroom

Picture: https://pixabay.com/