Principles of Strategy- Exploring and dealing with different market disruptions

Principles of Strategy- Exploring and dealing with different market disruptions

Malaysia / United Kingdom

The OIL partner for this project is Preeti Mutiara Binti Yacob.

Project Overview

The term strategy emphasizes the key issues that concerns the future of organisations (Johnson et al.2014). Market disruptions on the contrary can either present opportunities or threats depending on an organisations ‘position.  This OIL Project aims to offer the students a platform where this understanding and application can be improved by using a variety of case studies and activities that are designed to improve the learning of strategy and business related aspects.

Collaborative activities

Week 1 / Task 1: Marshmallow Activity

Week 2/ Task 2: Group formation and Case Study Analysis I: Uploading Presentation slides

Case study I: IKEA Case Study

Week 3/ Task 3: Research – Group Activity

Every big movie studio has a critical flop now and then. Now Netflix Inc., which is trying to join Hollywood’s big leagues with the new $90 million fantasy-action film “Bright,” has earned that badge of honor.
The movie will be available on the streaming-video service starting Friday. It’s part of Netflix’s attempt to build its own library of programming of all sorts — big-budget pictures, small documentaries, sitcoms, dramas, reality shows — so it won’t have to rely on shows and films from rivals such as Walt Disney Co.
The company will release more than 80 films in 2018, building on the 50 or so released this year. A handful, like “Bright,” are big and expensive enough to be considered major Hollywood productions” (Bloomberg 2017)

Do you consider Netflix’s decision to join Hollywood’s big league with their own production and their strategy to release the movie only on their streaming-video service as a clever move to disrupt the cinema business? (A minimum of 200 words please). Please upload your group output.

Learning outcomes

(1)Demonstrate an awareness of the challenges and drivers for market disruption

(2) Appraisal of intercultural differences when considering new market entry in terms of implications, challenges and opportunities encountered

(3) Critically analyse case studies to understand the real business environment and to identify new channels of business opportunities overseas