Project Overview

Extract from the Project Brief (Group project):

“In this collaborative OIL* project you will continue to strengthen your understanding of space – this time through site mapping. There is a cultural and historical aspect and you will share information remotely between two different sites (Coventry/Groningen). Through OS* maps and various topographic and other mapping techniques you will learn about site and scale, materials etc. You will also get to know design students in a different part of the world.

*OIL=Online International Learning

You will propose intricate designs for an exhibition/installation of the information you gather about Coventry. The site for this showcase the Medieval ruin in Much Park Street”.

The process and outcome/presentations will be shared and disussed with your peers in Holland”.

OIL Activities

Mapping a site / also understanding, through exchange with students in an international location, the importance of place, history, heritage, materials etc.

Discussions via Skype, email, blogs will take place with the partner university.

Physical mapping of the site, drawing, model making, presentations are also activities throughout this project.

Type of Interactions

Debate, collaborative document building, peer-review, critical reflection, drawing, model making, film/audio for research/presentation purposes.

OIL Outputs

Presented group materials, skype/onlne interaction, drawings, an A3 presentation document per group, including evidence of the collaboration, sketchbooks, notes and observations.

A blog will document the process.