Sustainable Logistics Strategy of a Third-party Logistics Company

Sustainable Logistics Strategy of a Third-party Logistics Company

France / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This project investigates issues related to sustainable logistics initiatives in different countries and virtually brings together students from two different countries (the UK and France).

As 353SAM module is for international top-up students, more diversified perspectives can be also added.

The online student group on Facebook will provide a platform for students to post and discuss their presentations on sustainable strategies, which can eventually develop collated and integrated knowledge.

A reflective essay will be used to assess the attainments of learning outcomes.

Project Outcomes

At the end of this project, students will be able to:
﴾1﴿ Understand different perceptions on sustainable logistics in a national context;
﴾2﴿ Develop skills to evaluate various sustainable logistics initiatives of global logistics firms; and
﴾3﴿ Develop attitudes to appreciate diverse viewpoints.

OIL Activities

There are three activities involved in this project.
﴾1﴿ Group presentation on sustainable logistics strategy (17 Feb – 5 Mar)
﴾2﴿ Comments on other groups’ presentations (6 Mar – 12 Mar)
﴾3﴿ A 250‐word reflective essay (13 Mar – 20 Mar)

OIL Outputs

Presentation videos and Forum posts.

A reflective essay will be used to evidence the attainments of the learning outcomes.

Course/Module/Level of study

  • BA International Business
  • BA European Business Management
  • MSc International Business Logistics
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • International Procurement & Supply Chain Management