China / United Kingdom


This innovative project provides students with an opportunity to actively interact with students at SWUPL University in China in a Law context scenario.

The Moot Competition will allow students to develop their intercultural, pragmatic, advocacy, and legal competences as well as their digital skills.

By the completion of this project that offers a cultural and academic immersion in China, both CU and SWUPL students should write a reflective essay.

This formative piece of work will help students to overcome any possible difficulties they might encounter while, for example, working in an international environment, or working for a national company but being based in a different country or even will help them to ICC while travelling overseas to discuss business proposal with other partners.

OIL outcomes

1. Moot Competition – Understand why both legal systems – Civil Law and Common Law system – are effective and used by China and the UK.

2. Moot Competition – Debate how Common Law impacts lives of Chinese students at Coventry University.

3. Moot Competition – Discuss reasons why own legal systems might not be compatible in both China and the UK.

OIL Activities

Interaction 1 / Stage 1:
MARCH 2017 WEEK 1. Coventry and SWUPL leaders agreed Tort Law case as basis for Moot Competition. “House of Lords Fussy -v- Sir Donald Finelo”.

Interaction 2 / Stage 2:
APRIL 2017 WEEK 2 – The moot problem will be distributed on April 1st 2017 to those CU@SWUPL students.

Interaction 3 / Stage 3:
APRIL 2017 WEEK 3, 4, 5. Coventry and SWUPL students conduct collaborative research, literature review, and legal cases. Moreover, students should develop skeleton arguments in order to be able to carry out the Moot Competition. Video conference or Webinar testing between Coventry and SWUPL students will help students to a better interaction and understanding before the Moot Competition.

Interaction 4 / Stage 4:
MAY 2017 WEEK 7. Coventry and SWUPL students present their skeleton arguments to a panel. If required, participants will compete in preliminaries. These participants will compete as an appellant, or the respondent, in teams of three, and will be assessed as a group and individually.

Interaction 5 / Stage 5:
MAY 2017 WEEK 8. Coventry and SWUPL students will participate in a Moot Competition at SWUPL University – China. The Competition will take place on May 19th 2017. In these final rounds the participants will compete in teams of four and will be assessed as a team to determine the winners. Leading and junior counsels in the final rounds will be determined by the participants of each team.

OIL Outputs

1 Live debate, webinars.

2 Interaction in situ between students from different continents.

3 Development of specific legal skill – advocacy

Method of capturing intercultural development

Reflective essays on students experience and interactivity with Chinese students.
Blog – use of intercultural (intercontinental) dialogue to discuss own work in relation to Chinese peers.


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