The Global Humanitarian Design Challenge

The Global Humanitarian Design Challenge

United Kingdom

Project Overview

This challenge aims to bring students together from different parts of the UK in liaison with different partners abroad to improve the livelihoods of people living in Lobitos, the coastal town in the north of Peru.

Some of these partners include Engineers Without Borders and local Non Governmental Agency called EcoSwell. Ultimate vision is to is to bring about sustainable development for the people of Lobitos.

Coventry University is working in partnership with Daniel Craddock from the University of Edinburgh.

OIL Outcomes

To collaborate and to compete in order to address a real life problem using engineering to find an appropriate solution to improve peoples lives in Lobitos

OIL Activities

A group report, model & presentation

Type of interaction: collaborate using an online student forum; online resources, videos & materials, peer review

OIL Outputs

3D printing, models/prototypes, group report, group presentation, poster