Toolkit for Networked Performance, Exhibit and Critique.

Toolkit for Networked Performance, Exhibit and Critique.

Germany / United Kingdom

Project Overview

This innovative project investigates how network communication technologies can be harnessed to facilitate collaborative performance and critique between geographically distributed students and academics.

Employing a techno-social approach, exclusively employing open tools, paradigms and protocols, allows students to work outside of the proprietary “walled gardens” or corporate telepresence systems commonly used for such interactions. Through ongoing conversation, performance and critique, both online and offline, students gain understanding of the underlying network systems and engaging critically with the complex issues pertinent to the network culture so often taken for granted.

Key themes include, Net Neutrality, Cyber-Security, corporate and state surveillance, ethics, encryption, piracy and the emerging concept of a “Splinternet”.

OIL Activities

  • Berlin Field Trip Workshops and Meetings and Social events with Leuphana students.
  • Live streamed network performance/critique/exhibition event.
  • Ongoing asynchronous reflective engagement and commentary using open online platforms.

OIL Outcomes

  • communicating effectively in international contexts
  • remote communications – etiquette and best practices
  • deepen understanding of societal implications of network communications technologies
  • understanding of federated vs centralised network infrastructures
  • understand remote, collaborative working methodologies
  • critical engagement in the work of others

OIL Outputs

Live coding and other forms of telematic performance.
Bi-located digital media installation prototypes.
Diaspora posts.


This project also partnered with Adnan Hadziselimovic from Coventry University.