Trans-Atlantic Native American Studies

Trans-Atlantic Native American Studies

United Kingdom / United States

Project Overview

Students will work with Professor Kevin Barksdale, one of the foremost experts on late 18th century Anglo-Indian relations in the American South in order to create a response to his article: “We Will Hold Our Land”: The Cherokee People in Post Revolutionary North America.

OIL Outcome

To provide students at CU with a chance to engage a respected, external scholar who can provide a different perspective on the issues being taught to them by the ML.

OIL Activities

Students worked together to interrogate a paper by Professor Barksdale which they then used as the basis of a series of critical questions.  These questions were then put to the professor, who had to defend and rationalise his work in respect to the critical analysis carried out by the CU cohort.

Type of interaction: Interview, critical reflection

OIL Output

An interview was recorded with Professor Barksdale which can be fed-back into the 368ISS module next year.